The course focuses on the opportunities offered by sustainable development, aiming to both educate staff in your organisation and encourage an interest in sustainability issues.

General knowledge

Part 1 ensures a consistent level of knowledge and approach to sustainability among employees. This part is ready for use. The course is produced in collaboration with researchers at KTH in Stockholm.

Company-specific knownledge

Part 2 is tailor-made for you. This part focuses on your company’s specific strategies and needs. It is based on your contents. We will place this in a pedagogical structure and quality assured templates.


The Follow-up is ensured as the course complies with industry standards for measuring performance in e-learning. You are free to publish it in your own learning management system or, if needed, you can buy this service from us.


Examples of organisations using the training are Castellum, Region Skåne, Atea, Atea Logistics, Spendrups, Region Skåne andKommuninvest.